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Fiscal Accountability

We do not accept funding from the government or corporations where it would present a conflict of interest. That way, when we speak on your behalf to effect change, we're not bound by government or corporate influence. Instead, we're committed to our vision, our supporters and to Earth.

Where does GLBD’s funding come from?

GLBD began to support an annual conference in 2005. In 2008 we decided to provide year-round work with and in Detroit and SE Michigan. Our first organizational plan lead our advisory board, Vision Keepers, to choose not to become a 501 c 3. Instead we have had the support of a partner organization Eco Works who acts as our fiduciary. This allows donations to be tax exempt. It also provides fiscal accountability.

Most of our funding comes from grants (from foundations whose work we trust and from religious congregations). We are grateful for individual donations that help our work to continue. We would like to reach a goal when 70% of our annual income coming from individual donors.

Do you have any of your investments in fossil fuels?

No. We do not have any investments at this time. If we would ever have enough resources to invest, we would create guidelines that are compatible with a balanced understanding of sustainability which we define as: behaving in such a way that we aim to balance the economic, ecological, social and spiritual aspects of an issue or a decision taking into consideration current and future generations.

What is GLBDs gift acceptance policy?

Policy Statement: Great Lakes Bioneers Detroit (GLBD) is a member of the Bioneers Resilient Communities Network with Eco-Works as its fiduciary agent. Our mission is to promote sustainable community that fosters life-giving relationships, nurtures connections, and celebrates solutions for restoring and healing Earth’s communities. The purpose of GLBD’s gift acceptance policy is to provide guidance to the advisory committee and staff regarding which gifts can be accepted and how they should be handled. The policy also serves as a source of information for potential donors who are interested in supporting GLBD’s activities.

Types of Gifts

GLBD accepts gifts, donations, grants and funds from individuals, foundations, organizations, associations, employee groups and other donors. The following types of gifts are deemed eligible for acceptance by GLBD:

Note: In the case of publicly traded securities and gifts of property, GLBD’s practice is to sell immediately upon receipt and convert to cash. A charitable tax receipt will be issued for the fair market value at the date of transfer. GLBD may hold on to gifts which are deemed to be of immediate or future use to the organization. GLBD recognizes that donors may occasionally wish to give property that is not readily marketable. GLBD will evaluate such gifts to determine whether there are costs or risks associated with acceptance.

Charitable Tax Receipting

Through our fiduciary, Eco Woks, GLBD issues charitable tax receipts for all eligible donations, in accordance with U.S. Revenue Agency regulations.

Ethical Guidelines for Gift Acceptance

Transparency and Reporting

Naming Opportunities

Authority to accept or decline any proposal to apply a donor's name to a program within GLBD (on a temporary or permanent basis) rests with the Vision Keepers (advisory committee) in consultation with GLBD’s fiduciary.

Delegation of Authority

With the exception of naming rights, GLBD’s coordinator may delegate authority to the Vision Keepers to evaluate, negotiate and decline gifts, and create and execute gift agreements with prospective donors in keeping with this policy.

Coordinator’s Responsibilities

GLBD’s Coordinator will:


8425 W. McNichols Rd.
Detroit, MI 48221


How do I change my address?

Contact us by email info@glbd.org


Donation Information

The process of trading information is common among non-profits as a way to reach new people, and receive funds to help continue important work. We do not sell or provide e-mail or mailing information with any other organization other than the annual conference registration list which we share with National Bioneers.

What do you do with my donations?

We use them partly for general operations. However, the majority of the resources you share with us go to support our annual conference, follow up programing and replenish our conference scholarship fund.

How can I donate proceeds from my event/trip/fundraiser?

Go to our support page or send us a check or money order:
8425 W. McNichols Rd.
Detroit, MI 48221

How do I become a monthly donor or change my monthly donation?

You can become a monthly donor online via our website or by mailing a check or money order. This is a wonderful way for us to receive a steady amount each month and for you to distribute your resources throughout the year. A win-win situation! Go may also go directly to our PayPal page.


How do I change my address?

Contact us by emailing: info@glbd.org

How can I reduce the number of mailings that come to me in a year?

You will receive an average of one to two e-mails a month from us. You can unsubscribe at any time, though we would not like to lose contact with you.


Will GLBD endorse my product, project, event, and website?

Decisions of this sort are based on a pre-existing relationship or partnership with an individual or organization requesting endorsement or sponsorship. Financial sponsorships are based on the availability of funding designated in our annual budget for this type of support. We do not endorse products. We do not have the financial resources or staff capacity to do the required research for each of the requests for endorsement we receive. We do not offer funds for tuition or studies.


What do you do with email addresses?

Customarily we send an e-mail with updates once a month, as we do not want to inundate your mailbox. We use email addresses to provide information to you that relates to our programs, meetings or action alerts. On occasion we include information from our partners and collaborators if the information is compatible with GLBD’s vision. This information is posted in our website as appropriate.

Each year following our conference National Bioneers request a copy of our registration list. They use it to share with you the work Bioneers is doing. We never trade or sell email addresses. We use email to ask you to donate so we can continue our work. You may stop receiving email at any time by unsubscribing.

Prepared by: Gloria Rivera, IHM (GLBD Coordinator)
January 8, 2015.


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